Integrated Player MP3 installation

The readings app is capable of playing an MP3 bible so that you can listen to the daily readings.  This is great, if you are a commuter.  Here’s how to set it up.

First you will need to obtain a compatible Bible in MP3 format:
If you download a .zip file, you will need to unzip the on your PC.
Once you have obtained your MP3 files, they need to be copied to your Android device.  This is usually done by connecting your device via a USB cable and using Windows Explorer to copy the files.  It can take several minutes.  I copied the files to a folder on the device called /sdcard/Podcasts/Bible
Once the files are on your Android device go to Settings.

Choose “Mp3 integration”.

Click the browse button.

You may need to install ES File Explorer to be able to browse files on your device.  Once installed, go back and click the browse button.


Navigate to the folder you uploaded your mp3 files and click select.

The app will then search the folder for the files and should show you the bible version found.

Now, when you view a passage, you should also be able to play your mp3 files from within the app.